14 Jun 2020

Until visiting Mexico, I had never been to a country where I knew the native language. However, this was never a problem because every country I’d visited prior had an English-speaking population, something that is becoming more and more common around the world. Being...

7 Jun 2020

America comes across as having a uniquely selective memory when it comes to our southern neighbor. People forget that Mexico is in North America (not Central America). People forget that a big chunk of America used to be Mexico. People forget the many Mexicans who work...

10 May 2020

Is it safe being black in Turkey? Just one of many ‘how will my blackness effect my trip’ questions that many black people ask when choosing to embark on a trip abroad. After all, every country has their own unique relationship with blackness. Heck, every country has a...

29 Mar 2020

If you love history, you’ll enjoy what Istanbul has to offer. If you love art and history, you’ll love what there is to find in Istanbul. I have always been deeply interested in both subjects (thus the minor in Art History and near minor in History), which meant I was...

15 Mar 2020

Istanbul! What a doozy this trip was. Get the quick rundown on the who, what, when, where, why, and how of my experience.

19 Jan 2020

Being black. Being American. Being a woman. Three very different things that can overwhelmingly affect an experience abroad, especially when they intertwine. However, it really depends on where you go—or more specifically—the social or socio-political situation of wher...

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Nia Alexander Campbell is an artist and writer from Richmond, Virginia. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in...


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