8 Mar 2020

Here we are, the last post in my collection about my experience in Athens. This post will be rather brief. Think of it as a way to tie a neat little bow on all the reflections I’ve made in the past nine posts. Let’s jump right into it.

1 Mar 2020

I went to Athens as part of the “Athena Service-Learning Trip Abroad”. So, this post is more of a personal reflection on what I learned about myself when it comes to volunteering abroad and volunteering in general.

24 Feb 2020

Athens was like an art history book come to life, not just in a Reading Rainbow meets History Channel kind of way, but in an ultimate immersion 4D movie VR kind of way. Art was everywhere in Athens, either painted on the streets, stuffed into a museum, or looming off i...

16 Feb 2020

I’m always down for trying local food—whether it’s something completely new or a familiar favorite in another country—but the catch is that there’s some stuff I just can’t (or won’t) eat. In Morocco and Qatar, the two countries I had visited before Greece, I was pleasa...

9 Feb 2020

Our various attempts to get from Point A to Point B are some of the most vivid memories I have of Athens . . . for better or worse.

2 Feb 2020

One of the things that made my experience in Greece unique was the size of my travel group. This trip had close to 30 people, which naturally changed the dynamic and colored the experience quite vividly.

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