15 Apr 2019

Finally, the end of my epic Moroccan adventure. It was my first time leaving the country, my first time on an airplane, and my first time studying abroad through VCU. What can I say to adequately sum up such an experience? Well, this was really something special.

8 Apr 2019

"What was it like seeing so many people who look like you?" "You went to the motherland! How was it?!" "What was it like being in Africa?" These were the kinds of questions I got after returning home from Morocco. In addition to being curi...

1 Apr 2019

The trip was an arts field study, after all. The whole point of it was to get cozied up with Moroccan art and be inspired to do some art on your own. So how did that pan out for me? Well, it wasn't as straightforward as I had anticipated . . .

25 Mar 2019

My Moroccan adventure was technically an “arts field study” hosted by the design departments of VCUarts. As you can imagine, the goal of the trip was all about art:  Seeing art, making art, and learning about art. So, I guess it’s time to talk about some art.

18 Mar 2019

As someone with 6 years art history classes stuffed into my brain, when I imagined travelling to experience art I always saw myself in Italy after a lengthy layover in France or Greece. Morocco, however, gave me an unexpected artistic experience that I believe I will c...

11 Mar 2019

As an artist, a tourist, and a first time international traveler, I had an aching desire to take photos of everything. People, objects, animals, buildings, doors, textures, patterns, colors—the photographic potential of the country seemed endless. It was truly amazing...

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