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  • Nia Alexander Campbell

Men With Guns

What does a photo of bricks in a hole have to do with the subject? Nothing, absolutely nothing. However, it was the only picture I could use for this post because any relevant picture would have presumably gotten me trouble.

Men with guns: One of the first things I saw upon entering Rabat–Salé Airport. No one warned me that security in the country was armed like that. In their military-esque uniforms and with automatic rifles, they made American security look like the interns guarding the entrance of the kiddie playroom at the mall.

As intimidating as they looked, though, they seemed rather chill. They stood there, holding casual conversation with each other, paying me no mind. It's not that they were being negligent, it's just that . . . I wasn't doing anything worth drawing their attention. Nobody was. The citizens were all pretty chill too.

Come to find out, more countries than I would have assumed have security with “intense” weapons like that. In fact, more countries than I would have assumed have a security presence like that period. It really did make me question America’s overall relationship with guns and the idea of security, but that’s another conversation entirely.

Though seeing men scattered about the country seemingly ready to fire off a few rounds at a moment’s notice may still strike you as odd to say the least, here's hoping I can at least numb any initial feelings of concern.

- Don't be scared of them

- Don’t do anything illegal

- DO NOT take pictures of them

You also should not photograph soldiers, government buildings, or convoys of cars/limousines (since there's a high possibility it's escorting an important government official). The reason why is chopped up to "security reasons", and you know what? That's a good enough answer for me.


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