17 May 2020

Now, that all that is laid out, let me conclude with this: Istanbul was colorful, dynamic, surprising, engaging, and fun. Yeah, I definitely had my down moments—from exhaustion to crumbling logistics to ignorant remarks from strangers—but all of those things taught me...

10 May 2020

Is it safe being black in Turkey? Just one of many ‘how will my blackness effect my trip’ questions that many black people ask when choosing to embark on a trip abroad. After all, every country has their own unique relationship with blackness. Heck, every country has a...

3 May 2020

There are literally hundreds of things to do in Istanbul, and sometimes I wound up pushing myself too hard. I eventually realized that I needed breaks from the adventure to sustain myself, but what surprised me is that even those moments contributed to what colored the...

19 Apr 2020

Food in Istanbul was easy to find, affordable, and versatile. There was something for everyone, which was very exciting coming from your resident lactose intolerant pescatarian with oral food allergies. This is a very simple post, you guys.

12 Apr 2020

Getting around the city was one of the most efficient commuting experiences abroad that I had ever had (though getting to and from Istanbul internationally was quite a different story).

5 Apr 2020

Istanbul gave me plenty of shopping options and experiences when it came to shopping. Here I'll run down a list of some of my shopping experiences in the city – what I bought, where I found it, and a handful of tips I’m now able to share.

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